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Vitale 1913 High-End Jewellery Business Accepts Cryptocurrency in Monaco

Vitale1913 accepts cryptocurrency

manXpay has officially entered the high jewellery market after successfully partnering with Vitale 1913 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Vitale 1913 specializes in high jewellery and the trading of rare diamonds and exceptional precious stones. The company has its factory in Valenza, a city formerly recognized as the world’s capital of jewellery manufacturing, ensuring the highest quality for its unique designs.

Alberto Vitale (CEO of Vitale 1913) took the reins of the family business in 2008 and moved the company to The Principality of Monaco. The company went from a diamond trading company, to what would become a high jewellery brand that offers the best diamonds for investment and unique jewellery creations.

Maison Vitale 1913 proudly supports the Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco and donates a part of the proceeds from their unique ‘Ocean Treasures Collection’ to the Oceans’ preservation and their natural habitats.

Vitale 1913 offer their clients a number of valuable and useful services including Investments, One-Off creations, evaluations, safe-deposits, maintenance, insurance and logistics, thus facilitating a complete bespoke service for their clients.

Alberto, being the tech savvy entrepreneur that he is, saw a great opportunity in partnering with manXpay as their official crypto payment provider when he saw a payment demonstration and all the unique benefits that manXpay offer. Not new to crypto, Alberto and Vitale 1913 had been previously accepting a limited offering of cryptocurrency, but have now decided to partner with manXpay.

manXpay now enables Vitale 1913 to accept over 300 different cryptocurrencies and to introduce their amazing high jewellery and diamonds to an additional 300 million crypto customers around the world.

manXpay is delighted to partner with such a well-established business in Monaco and looks forward to a successfully partnership with Vitale 1913 during this inevitable expansion of cryptocurrency within the mainstream business arena.

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